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There has never been a stone that has captured the collective imagination of the world like the diamond. The mystique that has swirled around the stone is said to have begun over 6000 years ago when diamonds were used as religious icons in ancient India. In 1642, the Darya-i-Nur was discovered by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier in Golconda. The story, whose veracity may have been lost in the mists of time, is that it was eventually cut into two and set in a platinum tiara by Harry Winston for Farah Dibah when she married the Shah of Iran.

But despite, or perhaps, because of the romance that surrounds the diamond, it is part of a global professional industry, and we in India stand proudly at its vanguard.

They have been called the Shahs of sparkle, the Jains of jewels but the monikers have not fazed the Gujarati community as they have solely but surely wrested control of over 70% of the global diamond trade. At Hoveniersstraat Street in Antwerp, the nerve centre of the international diamond industry, Gujarati is the patois, overtaking the Yiddish or Hebrew spoken by the Hassidic Jewish diamantaires. The names of Rosen and Schwartz have been inched out by Shah and Mehta.

No one can deny that the new-found professionalism that has swept through the diamond business back home has served as a catalyst to the booming business in Antwerp. We are proud to have as our cover personality Anoop Mehta, Chairman of the Bharat Diamond Bourse and Group Managing Director of Mohit Diamonds. Anoop played a stellar role in the creation of the Bourse, the world’s largest diamond bourse, spread luxuriously over 20 acres and home to over 2500 traders. He talks to G2 about the promising future of the diamond industry in India.

Other interesting personalities featured in this issue are Ramesh Chauhan, the father of the Indian soft drink industry and Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, India’s best known bariatric surgeon who has recontoured the likes of Nitin Gadkari and Venkaiah Naidu.

And, as always besides dazzling personalities, we spotlight exotic destinations, luxury cars, timeless watches, cutting-edge gizmos, fashion trends and the country’s best parties. Everything we believe you our reader looks for in G2.

Finally, do keep writing in. Your comments and suggestions have resulted in G2 establishing itself as the vibrant voice of the community.


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