Time stands still

February 8, 2017 Time stands still

Ever since Queen Elizabeth I wore a bracelet timepiece in 1571, the wristwatch has captured the imagination of the world. Even today premier watch manufacturers are on a quest to create unique, innovative timepieces

24 Hour Malt celebration

December 14, 2016 24 Hour Malt celebration

Once the well-kept secret of Scottish monks and a handful of aficionados, single malt whisky has transformed itself into the preferred drink of the discerning. What better way to celebrate this festive season, than with your favourite dram. But as Abhinav Aggarwal, G2’s CEO and Editor asks, why stop there?

Timeless Time

December 13, 2016 Timeless Time

Horology, it has been said, is expensive watch making and haute horology very expensive watchmaking! We present the world’s ten greatest watch manufacturers, ones that have given their international clients timeless classics again and again and again